How To Be An Effective Learner

Why using teachp2p to learn?

How to be an effective learner?

  • Custom training vs. All in one training

Only focus on the things you don’t know and save 40-50 percent of your time

  • Cost effective vs. Expensive education

The beginner level doesn’t have to pay for a teacher in professional expert level. They can find an affordable intermediate level teacher therefore reduced learning costs.

You can share your knowledge or experience with others and earn credits. With those credits, you can use them to learn new things. Please refer to advises for teachers.

  • On-demand training vs. Fixed time training

It can be anywhere in the world as it’s online with a flexible time schedule. For example: After school, After hours or Weekends

  • Get instant feedback during the session vs. Normal online training without feedback

An efficient learning process needs instant feedback, however, normal video training site can’t provide this.

How to get the most from your learning session?

“Rome isn’t built in a day.” To learn a skill you may need lots of learning sessions.

For example: Learning a language may need many months of hard work.

However, Teachp2p will help you achieved your learning goal in the most efficient way.

Some hints to help you to become an effective learner:

  1. You need to be proactive.
  2. You need to do some preparation and set your learning objectives.
  3. Send your requirements(Materials, goals, etc.) to the teacher as earlier as possible so they know what you want.
  4. Make sure to tell the teacher what’s your current level/grade.

Based on this, your teacher will provide you with a customized training session which will be the most beneficial to you.

Note down all your questions throughout the training session and resolve them with your teacher in the session.

How to join a training session/meeting sent by your teacher

Your teacher will schedule a meeting and send you the meeting invite via the messaging service of our website.

They could send you a Skype video, voice chats or online face-to-face videoing.

Add the link to Google Calendar.

When ready, simply click the link in your calendar to join the session when you and your teacher is ready.

Below is a video on how to join a meeting through ZOOM(Recommended).


Spend time to write a detailed feedback/rating to your teacher

Writing a review is extremely essential for the teacher and other students.

It will not only help the teacher to improve their teaching/training but also provide some references to other learners who are looking for similar training or teachin

January 2, 2020