How To Provide An Effective Teaching

How to provide an effective teaching?

Effective teaching is more than just the successful transference of knowledge and skill or application around a particular topic.

Effective teaching ensures that this surface approach to learning is replaced by deeper, learner-driven approaches to learning that analyze, develop, create and demonstrate understanding.

First, let the learner know that how many sessions they might need in order to learn this skill.

It is recommended to test them on some questions or ask them about what approximate level they are on so you get an idea of where they are up to.

Divide your training into multiple modules and only provide one or two modules in each training session.

Don’t try to teach a complex skill in one session. Try to spread out the skill throughout the modules.

Provide lots of instant feedback to the learner during the session to help the learner know what they are doing well and what they are not.

Comparing with the one way online video training, this is the most valuable thing they are seeking to get from the P2P training.

Make sure the learner could master the module at the end of each session – For example, providing some practice exam questions.

At last, don’t forget to ask with the learner how they feel about the learning session and schedule the next session if possible.

How to post a new training

Simply register and log in, then click “Post a Training” on the left side of your screen as shown below.

Where to find free photos for your post

A website for example Pixabay ( have lots of free photos that you can use it for your post.

It recommends downloading the lower resolution copy for example 640×426 as it reduces the page loading time.

What do you do if someone purchased my training?

Once the learner purchased your teaching or training, you will receive an instant message (The bell next to your profile) as well as an email notification.

You need to discuss with the learner about the topic or content as well as agreed time to conduct the lesson via the messaging service of our website.

Then you can schedule a meeting with Zoom Video, Skype etc.

How to schedule a new meeting in ZOOM

Hover over your photo icon and you will see a drop-down menu.

Click on the  “Zoom Video” and it will take you to ZOOM video site for login or registration.

Once in, click on ‘My Meetings’ and then on “Schedule a New Meeting”.

Make sure to set the agreed time on ZOOM and send the link to your student.


How to schedule a meeting with ZOOM via Google Calendar

How to share your screen

How to record a training session

You may want to record your training for review or for a summary.

January 2, 2020